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Featured Stirrers

  • On sale
    Economically priced LED digital ideal for temperatures below 280°C and 3L
    based on 5 reviews
    $310 USD   from   $248 USD
  • On sale
    Small and efficient magnetic Analog or Digital stirrers up to 1500rpm and 5L
    $107 USD   from   $102 USD
  • On sale Limited-Time Promotion
    40 Ncm torque 20 L capacity in analog control or digital microprocessor speeds 50 to 2200rpm.
    based on 2 reviews
    $660 USD   from   $528 USD
  • On sale
    Mechanical model with digital display and 2 speed ranges from 60 - 2,000 rpm up to 15L
    based on 1 review
    $999 USD   $789 USD
  • On sale
    6- or 15-position state of the art stirrer for continuous use.Timer, Reverse Rotation, 80-1500rpm
    $1,064 USD   from   $1,011 USD
  • On sale
    Ideal for high volume applications 100L or 200L at 100-1800 rpm
    $2,763 USD   from   $2,488 USD
  • On sale
    For standard stirring tasks in high-viscosity applications 10 to 2,000 rpm and 100 to 400 ncm torque
    $2,300 USD   from   $2,070 USD
  • On sale
    Economy stirrer with ABS plastic plate, high magnetic adhesion, 0-1500rpm
    based on 1 review
    $190 USD   from   $152 USD

New Stirrers

  • On sale
    PID, large LCD color screen, timer, up to 200℃ or 300℃, 200-2000 rpm
    $450 USD   from   $400 USD
  • On sale
    High Speed Digital or Control with wireless controller for intensive stirring up to 20L
    $2,314 USD   from   $1,924 USD
  • No sale
    Lightweight for big tasks, compact design allows for integration in closed systems
      $1,841 USD
  • On sale
    4 Positions with optimal suspension and prevention of excessive turbulence 5-200 rpm
    $1,250 USD   $1,000 USD