Scilogex SCI-20 Overhead Stirrers

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Manufacturer Scilogex
Country of manufacture China
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SCI-20 Overhead Stirrers available in SCI20-S analog with LED display or the SCI20-Pro LCD digital microprocessor model


  • 20L Capacity
  • High torque
  • 50-2200rpm
  • Through-shaft design
  • 2 year warranty
  • A through-shaft design allows for easy adjustment of the impeller position
  • Large chuck diameter for many shaft types
  • Over torque protection automatically stops the motor
  • Pass through stirrer rods accepted
  • Analog speed control is displayed on the LED display (OS20-S model)

SCI20-Pro LCD additional features:

  • Realtime back-lit LCD display and control. Set value and actual value can be displayed for real-time monitoring of torque and speed
  • PC control via RS232 interface, for control and documenting all measured values via PC. Parameters can be set to carry out safety monitoring
  • Accurate microprocessor stirring speed control guarantees speed precision
  • Anti-spill microprocessor control slow start up prevents sample spills

Impellers and stands are sold separately. Click here to see impeller options and other accessories.

Key Attributes
Maximum volume (L): 20
Minimum Volume (L): N/A
Speed max (rpm): 2,200
Speed min (rpm): 50
Max temperature (◦C): N/A
Plate:  N/A
Plate material: N/A
Torque max (Ncm): 40
Controls: Digital
Timer: No
Programmable: Yes
Reverse rotation: No
Warranty (years): 2
Weight (lbs): 5.5
Dimensions Width (in): 3.3
Dimensions Height (in): 8.7
Dimensions Length (in): 7.3
Manufacturer Specifications
Maximum stirring capacity 20 Liters
Maximum torque 40Ncm
Viscosity maximum 10000mPas
Speed range 50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy ± 3rpm
Speed display resolution ± 1rpm
Chuck diameter range 0.5-10mm
Dimensions 3.3W x 8.7H x 7.3Dinches
Motor rating input 60W
Motor rating output 50W
Weight 5.5lbs
Voltage 110-220Volts 50/60Hz, 70W

What is required for RS232-based computer control on the SCI20-Pro LCD version?

All you need is an EIA-standard RS232C cable. It's basically a 9-pin serial port. Control software is included with the OS20-Pro, so you do not need any expertise in coding for RS232 control.


How long and wide is the support rod for the OS20 overhead stirrer?

It is 8" (203 mm) long and 19/32" (15 mm) wide.

The product description states that "a through-shaft design allows for easy adjustment of the impeller position." - What does this mean?

All OS-series overhead stirrers are designed such that you can push the stirrer rod straight through the body of the stirrer in order to position the impeller wherever you need to. So, for instance, if you wanted to create the effect of having a very short stirrer rod, you could simply push the rod farther up.

Combined with the ability to adjust the OS-series stirrer's vertical position on the stand, this creates a large amount of flexibility to accommodate vessels of various heights while maintaining the ability to position the impeller at various depths.


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