Overhead Stirrers

The most flexible type of stirrer, overhead stirrers' power and torque combined with a wide range of probe designs make them suitable for the broadest array of applications, volumes, and viscosities.

  • On sale
    60 Ncm torque 40 L capacity in analog control or digital microprocessor speeds 50 to 2200rpm.
    $1,120 USD   from   $896 USD
  • On sale
    Strong stirrer for up to 40L. Speed range of 0/30-2000 rpm. Optional Wireless controller.
    $1,887 USD   from   $1,566 USD
  • No sale
    Excellent performance on medium viscosity up to 50,000 mPa*s up to 40L 50-2000 rpm
      $1,315 USD