Achiever™ 5000 Stirring Shafts

Category Stirrer Accessories
Manufacturer Ohaus
Stirrer Type Recommended for: Flow Stir Speed RPM Blade Overall Length Example
Floating Blade Good for narrow neck vessels Radial 250 – Max 93 x 11 mm 400 mm
Fixed Blade Good for high speed, low viscosity mixing. Can create a vortex. Radial 250 – Max 50 x 10 mm 400 mm
Folding Blade Good for narrow neck vessels Radial 250 – Max 60 x 15 mm 400 mm
Turbine Teeth break down agglomerations to help with dispersion. Provides very high shear. Radial 250 – Max 49 x 10 mm 400 mm
Propeller Can be used at high speed with medium or high viscosity materials. Excellent mixing properties for homogenization and suspensions. Axial 250 – Max 60 x 9 mm 400 mm
Turbo Propeller Ring protects dip tubes or sensors in vessel Axial 250 – Max 46 x 14 mm 400 mm
Paddle, 6 Holes For use at low to medium speeds. Ideal for gentle mixing Tangential Up to 800 69 x 75 mm 510 mm
Anchor Suitable for medium or high viscosity materials. Should be used at low speeds for high viscosity materials. Tangential All Speeds 45 x 54 mm 400 mm

Viscosity: 0 - 1,000 cP; Shaft Diameter 7mm; Material 316 Stainless Steel


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