Category Stirrer Accessories
Manufacturer VELP Scientifica

The AluBlocks™ allow lab technicians to perform different heating and stirring experiments with the widest flexibility, on different types of tubes. 

AluBlocks™ are made by aluminum, for an excellent heat transmission and homogeneity, they can be mixed and matched to get any combination of vessel: use different vessel types and sizes at the same time for clean, safe and reliable synthesis.

For Ø 155 mm plates. Compatible with the ARE, AREX, AREX Digital and AREX Digital PRO

Green AluBlock™ 4 pos. Ø 28 x h 30 mm
Red AluBlock™ 4 pos. Ø 21.6 x h 31.7 mm
Black AluBlock™ 4 pos. Ø 28 x h 24 mm
Orange AluBlock™ 4 pos. Ø 28 x h 43 mm
Blue AluBlock™ 6 pos. Ø 17.8 x h 26 mm
Gold AluBlock™ 11 pos. Ø 15.2 x h 20 mm
AluBlocks™ Base

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