Clamps couplings and seals for Jeio Tech Overhead Stirrers

Category Stirrer Accessories
Manufacturer Jeio Tech
Cat. No. Description
BEA1000001 Utility clamp 3 prong
BEA1000002 Utility clamp plat
BEA1000011 3 prong clamp (80mm / 3.15˝grip)
BEA1000012 3 prong clamp (60mm / 2.36˝grip)
BEA1000013 3 prong clamp (20mm / 0.79˝grip)
BEA1000014 2 prong clamp (60mm / 2.36˝grip)
BEA0570181 Fixing clamp
AAA37512 Clamp holder, C-10 (Al body, Ø17mm / 0.67˝)
AAA37511 Clamp holder, C-20 (Al body, Ø27mm / 1.06˝)
BEA0570191 Flexible coupling
BEA0570161 PTFE stirring seals (24 / 40)
BEA0570162 PTFE stirring seals (29 / 42)
BEA0570163 PTFE stirring seals (34 / 45)

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