VELP MultiStirrer Magnetic Stirrers

Category Magnetic Stirrers
Manufacturer VELP Scientifica
Country of manufacture Italy

The MULTISTIRRER is multi-position magnetic stirrer available in 6 or 15 positions for beakers with a maximum diameter of 85 mm and 64 mm, respectively. The MULTISTIRRER remains cold even after several days of continuous operation and is ideal for thermostatting the samples when used with a recirculating water bath.

Electronic speed regulation: from 80 to 1500 rpm, SpeedServo™: constant speed even when the viscosity changes.


  • Robust Construction
    • Control panel is shielded from liquid spills
    • Epoxy-coated tough steel casing
    • Stainless steal cover
    • Long life operation
  • Choice of Capacities
    • MULTISTIRRER 6: 6 places, maximum Ø of 85 mm - 400 ml stirring volume
    • MULTISTIRRER 15: 15 places, maximum Ø of 64 mm - 250 ml stirring volume
  • Applications Oriented
    • Pale surface for visualization of particles and color changes
    • Remains cold, even after days of continuous use
    • Ideal for microtitration, microbiology and biochemistry
    • Soft start but rapidly reaching set speed
    • Excellent speed control (electronic), even at low speeds
    • Can thermostat samples using a recirculating water bath
  • Practical Design
    • Ergonomic - very low height
    • Speed regulation from 80 to 1500 rpm
    • Universal mains voltage / frequency range
    • Light weight, easy to move

Stirring volume (H2O): up to 400 ml per position
Distance between stirring position centres: 100 mm

Stirring volume (H2O): up to 250 ml per position
Distance between stirring position centres: 74 mm

    Key attributes 
    Maximum volume (L): 2.4 L (400mL per position)
    OR 3.75 L (250mL per position)
    Minimum Volume (L): N/A
    Speed max (rpm): 1500
    Speed min (rpm): 80
    Max temperature (◦C): N/A
    Plate: Multiposition
    Plate material: Stainless Steel
    Torque max (Ncm): N/A
    Controls: Analog
    Timer: No
    Programmable: No
    Reverse rotation: No
    Warranty (years): 3
    Weight (lbs): 3.8 OR 4.6
    Dimensions Width (in): 9.0
    Dimensions Height (in): 2
    Dimensions Length (in): 14.4


    Manufacturer Specifications 
    Construction material: epoxy painted metal structure; stainless steel top plate
    Models: MULTISTIRRER 6 6-pos.
    MULTISTIRRER 15 15-pos.
    Stirring volume (H2O): MULTISTIRRER 6 6 beakers, 400 ml
    MULTISTIRRER 15 15 beakers, 250 ml
    Distance between stirring position centres: MULTISTIRRER 6 100 mm
    MULTISTIRRER 15 74 mm
    Power: MULTISTIRRER 6 3.6 W
    Weight: MULTISTIRRER 6 1.75 Kg (3.8 lb)
    MULTISTIRRER 15 2.1 Kg (4.6 lb)
    Dimensions (WxHxD): MULTISTIRRER 6 230x51.5x370 mm (9.0x2.0x14.4 in)
    MULTISTIRRER 15 230x51.5x370 mm (9.0x2.0x14.4 in)
    Electronic speed regulation: from 80 to 1500 rpm
    Speed control: excellent speed control even at low revolutions
    Stirring system: high-power driving magnet type ''PCM'' operated by a mono-phase motor for continuous operation

    What is the voltage of the MultiStirrer Multi-Position magnetic stirrers?

    115 V, 60 Hz.


    What are the acceptable environmental conditions for use of the MultiStirrers?

    5 - 40°C, up to 80% relative humidity.


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