QuadMag Genie Magnetic Stirrer

Category Magnetic Stirrers
Manufacturer Scientific Industries Inc
Country of manufacture The United States

The powerful multi-position QuadMag Genie provides vigorous stirring for up to 4 vessels simultaneously. QuadMag is capable of stirring up to 2 liters in each of its four positions


  • Powerful "rare earth" magnets stay coupled even under the most demanding stirring conditions.
  • Rugged ABS/Polycarbonate housing and the famous Vortex-Genie motor.
  • Digital models offer a smooth ramp-up to desired speed avoiding potential spills.
  • Digital models incorporate a timer from 1 to 99 minutes.
  • May be used in cold rooms or incubators.
      Key Attributes
      Maximum volume (L): 8 Liters
      Minimum Volume (L): N/A
      Speed max (rpm): 1300
      Speed min (rpm): 250
      Max temperature (◦C): N/A
      Plate: Round
      Plate material: ABS/Polycarbonate
      Torque max (Ncm): N/A
      Controls: Digital or Analog
      Timer: Yes
      Programmable: No
      Reverse rotation: No
      Warranty (years): 2
      Weight (lbs): 6.6
      Dimensions Width (in): 12
      Dimensions Height (in): 5.1
      Dimensions Length (in): 12.25
      Manufacturer Specifications

      Top Surface Dimensions (D x W) 305 x 305mm (12 x 12in)
      Overall Dimensions (D x W x H) 310 x 305 x 130mm (12.25 x 12 x 5.1in)
      Weight 3 kgs (6.6 lbs)
      Stirring Speed 250-1300 RPM
      Time 1-99 min or continuous (digital models only)
      Maximum Stirring Positions 4
      Maximum Stirring Capacity 2 Liters Each Position (Simultaneous)
      Stir Bar Maximum Length 5.1cm (2 in)
      Material ABS/Polycarbonate Non-Skid Top Pad (1)


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