VELP AREC.X Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrer

Category Hot Plate Stirrers
Manufacturer VELP Scientifica
Country of manufacture Italy
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The AREC.X is a digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches and is extremely easy to clean.

A microprocessor ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes (counter-reaction). Microprocessor technology ensures fast heating and provides precise speed and temperature setting, as the digital display constantly shows set temperature.

The AREC.X has an ergonomic and innovative design with a clear and bright digital display. AREC.X can also be used stand-alone, or for  precise thermoregulation of the liquid, it can be connected to VTF digital thermoregulator or to a temperature control probe. VTF offers maximum performance for a perfect and precise thermoregulation up to 300 °C (± 0.5 °C) with an integrated timer, whilst with the external probe up to 250 °C (± 1.0 °C). Electronic speed regulation: up to 1500 rpm, Stirring volume (H2O): up to 15 L, Temperature: up to 550 °C, SpeedServoTM: constant speed even when the viscosity changes

  • Unmatched Operation
    • Ceramic heating plate resists acids, bases and solvents
    • Technopolymer casing resists chemicals, scratches and surface abrasions
    • Maximum temperature 550 °C
    • Accepts up to 15 liter flasks
    • Electronic speed regulation up to 1500 rpm
  • Precise Results
    • SpeedServo™ ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes
    • Controls to ± 0.5 °C with VTF and VTF EVO, ± 1 °C with probe
    • Digital setting and display for temperature and time (on VTF and VTF EVO)
    • Connection for VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator for direct temperature control
    • VTF incorporates timer for unsupervised operation and increased productivity
  • Practical Solution
    • White ceramic plate ideal for color change observation
    • Metal vessels can be used on the ceramic plate
    • Low profile design for a heated model
  • Safety Above All
    • Hot plate warning displayed while cooling to below 50 °C
    • Control panel is separated from the heating plate
    • IP 42 protection
    • Protection from liquid spills with run-off groove
    • Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty
  • Convenient to Use
    • Inclined control panel for easy access and visibility
    • High visibility LED display of temperature (on AREC.X)
    • High power PCM-type driving magnet
  • Choice of Packages
    • AREC.X, stand-alone
    • AREC.X can be also supplied with PT100 probe
    • AREC.X also available supplied with VTF (+ support rod)
                  Key attributes 
                  Maximum volume (L): 15
                  Minimum Volume (L): N/A
                  Speed max (rpm): 1500
                  Speed min (rpm): N/A
                  Max temperature (◦C): 550 °C
                  Plate: Square
                  Plate material: ceramic material
                  Torque max (Ncm): N/A
                  Controls: Analog
                  Timer: No
                  Programmable: No
                  Reverse rotation: No
                  Warranty (years): 3
                  Weight (lbs): 7.3
                  Dimensions Width (in): 8
                  Dimensions Height (in): 3.7
                  Dimensions Length (in): 13.5


                  Manufacturer Specifications 
                  GENERAL FEATURES
                  Construction material: technopoymer structure
                  Heating plate: ceramic material
                  Dimensions of the heating plate: 180x180 mm (7.9x7.9 in)
                  Protection rating CEI EN 60529: IP 42
                  Set temperature visualization: digital display LED
                  Power: 800 W
                  Weight: 3.3 Kg (7.3 lb)
                  Dimension (WxHxD): 203x94x344 mm (8x3.7x13.5 in)
                  Electronic speed regulation: up to 1500 rpm
                  Electronic temperature control: from room temp. to 550 °C
                  Sample thermoregulation: ± 0.5 °C by using the Vertex thermoregulator;
                  ± 1.0 °C by using external temperature probe
                  Stirring volume (H2O): up to 15 liters
                  Stirring system: high-power driving magnet type ''PCM'' operated by a mono-phase motor for continuous operation
                  Vertex connection: provided
                  Counter-reaction: constant speed
                  "Hot Plate Warning" whenever the top plate temperature is over 50 °C
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