Base Plate for 135mm Diameter Plates

Category Stirrer Accessories
Manufacturer Ohaus

The Talboys Multi Sample Reaction Station enables you to heat and stir multiple samples of one size or up to five multiple sample blocks of different sizes, all with one unit. The base plate can hold 5 sectional blocks or one uni block. For added versatility, the base plate has a centrally located threaded opening to accommodate a 1/2" (13mm) support rod. Both block styles are offered in 9 different sample size configurations for vials and test tubes. Blocks are made of anodized aluminum to provide superior temperature stability and heat transfer. Each block has a thermometer well for measuring block temperature. Base plate is designed to fit on the Talboys Professional or Advanced Round Top or other 135mm diameter top models. Safety handles are available to aid in the safe removal of the base plate with blocks


  • Heat and stir a variety of samples simultaneously on one hotplate
  • Uni and sectional blocks accommodate 9 different sample sizes
  • Anodized aluminum with close block to tube contact ensures optimal transfer of heat

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